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Since 1981 Gràfiques Jou has been offering customers a broad range of print services on paper and cardboard and handling services.

Constant technological evolution allows us to remain up to date on what the market demands today, offering high-quality products at very competitive prices.

We offer you guidance based on our extensive experience, and a team of highly-qualified professionals, along with the logistical capacity necessary so that your project can be carried out by the deadline and with the results agreed to.

At your service 24 hours
Our working procedures allow to immediately tackle any type of project, no matter how urgent. 3 different shifts cover our company's production process round the clock.
Our machines, are key
We boast the most advanced machines, such as our 10 colour Mitsubishi unit featuring a 74 x 104 cm format, with double-sided, no-flip printing technology.
The environment
Our concern for the environment spurs us to carefully track and monitor all waste produced. We label and package in accordance with current legislation, and employ a storage and classification method that prevents the mixing and dissolution of the different waste elements.




This is the range of services offered by Gràfiques Jou.
If you require a service not included in this list, please ask us about it:
All types of brochures, advertising material, catalogues, books, magazines, calendars, packaging, signs and posters, stickers, stationery (cards, envelopes, letter paper), folders.


From the creative work, to the layout, to the production of the final artwork.

Prepress work

The CTP process allows us to automate and streamline the steps from design to print. Reception of your files via FTP. 2 hi-res imagesetters operating for 24 hours. Sending of plates via email prior to printing. Plotter and colour tests. Colour management system and data dispatch through CIP4.

Offset printing and digital

Printing for medium to large runs. Printing on papers weighing up to 400 gsm. Formats up to 72 x 102 cm. Runs from 4 to 10 colours, with no paper flip, and multiple finishings. Packaging up to 450 grams. Digital formats up to 1300 x 330 m / m. Digital printing of envelope and bags.

Large-format printing

Plotter printing of a wide variety of full-colour materials: photographic paper, glossy paper, vinyl, foam, canvas, textiles….and much more. Special sizes for store windows, stands, outdoor advertising, etc.

Finishing and handling

Postpress processes that give products added value. Dies, stapling, all types of bindings, laminations, spot UVI varnish, stamping. An extensive variety of folds, microperforation, and shrink wrapping. Handling of all types of advertising material, packaging, mailings, calendars, kits, etc.


We are conscious of how important it is to deliver your work on time and in good condition. This is why we have our own transport service, allowing us to make deliveries throughout the day, and Express service for the most urgent products. We can send your products to France and Portugal in less than 48 h, and to the rest of the European Union in 48-72 h.


Gràfiques Jou's workshop covers over 800 m2. It is located on the calle Zorrilla 28 in Sant Adrià del Besòs one of the most easily-accessed zones in the Metropolitan Area, next to Exit 29 on the Ronda del Litoral, just steps from the La Pau and Verneda metro stops. Our facilities feature:

Mitsubishi Diamond Tandem with 10 colours and a 74 x 104 cm format

Ideal for double-sided runs featuring 80 gsm paper up to 350 gsm cardboard, able to print in line.
Its technological design enables it to print on both sides without flipping the paper, yielding increased registration safety between the two sides without sacrificing printing speed. Ideal for the printing of magazines, books, catalogues and for large to mid-sized print runs.

Konica Minolta Bizhub Pro C1060L

Ideal for short print runs. SRA3+ digital color press up to 120 cm.
Great flexibility in formats and finishes.
Possibility of variable-data printing (personalization) and numbering.

Heidelberg Gto with 1 color and a 35 x 50 cm format

Ideal for corporate applications.

Heidelberg Speedmaster with 4 colours and a 36 x 52 cm format with drying IR

Ideal for short print runs with top-quality.

Heidelberg Speedmaster with 5 colours and a 72 x 102 cm format

Ideal for packaging.

Other auxiliary machines to:

fold and crease, die-cut, dry laminate in a 72 cm format.
A range of machines for hole punching, spiral binding, etc.


Here you can check out some of our latest projects that we have completed for our customers. Their trust is our guarantee.


Hardcover. Cover printed with 4 colours, glossy lamination and a 2.5 mm paperboard lining. Ideal finishing in order to complete the product with the best quality.

Winery catalogue

Product presentation catalogue printed throughout in 4 colours with matte paper and glossy varnish on offset paper.

Book 2

Book featuring a 350 gsm cover. Cover printed with 4 colours, with varnish. Paperback binding with thread. Standard finishing for textbooks.

Fashion magazine

Launch brochure featuring perfumed screen printing.

Prestige catalogue

Cover featuring special metallic inks, with an embossed effect in certain areas.

Company catalogue

Brochure with matte laminated cover with bright spot UV varnish to endow the final product with added value.


The Mayor of the City Council of Sant Adrià de Besòs visits Graphics JOU

The Mayor of the City Council of Sant Adrià de Besòs visits Graphics JOU

The Mayor of the City Council of Sant Adrià de Besòs visits Graphics JOU

The Mayor of the City Council of Sant Adrià de Besòs visits Graphics JOU
(*) Visit made in February, 2018.


Zorrilla 28 nau 5
08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs

Tel. (+34) 933 81 12 11

Customer service hours:
Monday through Friday
Mornings from 8 am to 2 pm
Afternoons from 4 pm to 7 pm

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